Hydrogen-powered racing

The project Race the Green aims to design and create the first-ever hydrogen-powered rally car. With this unique buggy, the team will participate in several international, challenging rallies with the most beautiful scenery, without polluting the surroundings. Because we believe this is the way to go! The future is now…

For a sustainable planet

Dreaming of a greener planet, we would like to support a more environmentally friendly way of rally driving, as we feel responsible to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. No roaring and polluting combustion engines but driving with electrical engines without exhausting a single gram of Co2. The hydrogen fuel cell that we use is an alternative way of carrying electricity. It replaces the heavy and polluting batteries from electric driven cars and is, therefore, a climate-friendly substitute. There is no residual waste because the only exhaust product is clean water and this fuel cell allows for covering a lot of ground, which is essential in desert-races.

buggy groen met RtG logo

Time schedule

The project Race the Green consists of several phases. In phase one, the focus is on developing the high-tech electronic engines and implementing the hydrogen fuelcell in the buggy. This phase will take place from 2020 till 2023. In phase two we will concentrate on further development of the buggy toward our ultimate goal: participating in the Dakar Rally 2024 as the first car powered by hydrogen!