The Buggy

Our first challenge is creating a reliable electric car. We use an existing buggy that has proven its capability in rallying. Circular and familiar, so we can focus on its transformation. At this stage, we are modifying the buggy to drive electrically. Two electric motors will provide 450 hp and 1000 Nm! With its weight of around a thousand kg, it will be a mean machine. Our self developed electric driveline, Smesh gear in combination with our progressive suspension, make it possible to use the energy very efficiently. A whole new idea of how rally driving could look like in the future. Deadly quiet and as fast as a rocket…

Simultaneously, we will research the application of the hydrogen fuel cell that can operate in the most difficult circumstances which the buggy will encounter in these harsh rallies. Our goal is to have the car fully operational on hydrogen in 2022. This year will be spent doing a lot of testing and putting it up for real challenges by driving desert rallies with the first version of our hydrogen buggy.

About hydrogen

Using hydrogen as an energy carrier for our electrically driven car is a very environmentally friendly alternative to normal electric cars carrying batteries.The production of these batteries has a massive impact on the planet, whereas the emission of the buggy will only be pure water.

By using a fuel cell we transform hydrogen into water by adding oxygen. This process generates energy and this will be the electricity for our engines.

To instal this fuel-cell and to make it function properly is quite a challenge. Mainly because of the conditions in which the system has to do its job. The jumps of the buggy, the dust on the racetracks and the heat in the desert will be a challenge for the hydrogen transition. Fortunately we have the support of students from the Technical University of Delft (TUDelft). They have gained a lot of expertise on the use of Hydrogen in racing cars. With their ForzeH2 project they have developed an hydrogen driveline in a MP2 car that participates in many races all over Europe. And it is fast! They share their expertise with us because they like our challenge