This page shows partners of Race the Green. These partners are part of the project and contribute in the form of technical support, sponsorship or any other matter related to thos. The parties are the foundation for the success of Race the green!

Forze H2

The demands for an appropriate electrical engine, that we want to use in extreme harsh rally environnements, are immensely high. The complicating factor of using a hydrogen fuel cell, makes it an high-tech adventure. Fortunately, we get support from Forze a team consisting of more than 50 students from Delft University of technology who design, build and race hydrogen electric racing cars to promote the potential of hydrogen. They are very eager to help us to succeed and excel with this project.

Forze is the world’s leading team for hydrogen electric racing cars. We do not only race our car, we win. The Forze VIII beat 42 petrol powered cars and came in second place in the 2019 Dutch Supercar Challenge, making it the fastest hydrogen electric racing car that has competed in an official race. Having tasted victory, our dreams are starting to take shape: competing at Le Mans. In the coming years, together with our partners, we will do everything we can to reach this goal. The first milestone on our road to le Mans is to dominate the GT class of the supercar challenge with our newly developed car: the Forze IX. Competing here in the next years will enable us to develop the experience and technology required to reach our ambitious goal They share their knowledge with us because they see our project as an adventurous challenge.

Logo Forze

REDstack B.V.

Our development towards making rally sport more sustainable and towards a greener world, is supported by Pieter Hack, founder of REDstack B.V.

REDstack B.V. develops a technology for generating continuous electricity where the fuel is fresh and salt water. With this technology, a successful pilot is running on the Afsluitdijk and a demonstration installation of 0.5 MW is being prepared.

AlliSport Ltd

AlliSport are proud to be a leading supplier of performance upgrades and bespoke aluminium fabrication, specialising in off road and general motorsport.

The products are designed and fabricated in-house at the workshops in Herefordshire, England where they combine performance specification with excellent build quality and attention to detail. 

Since 2001, AlliSport have been industry leaders, supplying direct to enthusiasts as well as top tuning companies and low volume vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

AlliSport products are regularly developed and used in events such as the Dakar rally and World Rally Cross, amongst many other prestigious events.

Gielen Advertisement

Thanks to the powerful pro-machines and their own inventions in the field of advertising, they know how to solve any challenge with the highest quality.

A representative solution for every idea! Whether it concerns interior decoration, signage, banners, flags, vehicle or facade advertising.

Menga Trading

At Menga Trading we can use a warehouse and office to work on our buggy and for our team meetings.

Menga Trading is the main wholesaler for the purchasing of some of the best fashion accessories: from watches and gloves to scarves and scrunchies – and everything in between.

It is also the right place to go to for jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Menga Trading has an extensive collection of jewellery in various different styles. They use a variety of beautiful materials such as stainless steel and sterling silver.

They also import home accessories, fad items and toys. Thanks to the large stock and direct import, they deliver quickly and at competitive prices.


In addition to the previous sponsorship agreements, we are talking with H2storage, producer of hydrogen storage systems for stationary applications and the heavy transport and mobility sector.

H2Storage helps make this sector more sustainable by providing trucks, intercity buses and other heavy means of transport with hydrogen tanks, appendages and measurement and control technology. In order to make the entire process easier, they provide the full scope when it comes to converting current means of transport to hydrogen-power, CO2-neutral means of transport.

They can also take care of the storage of sustainable energy and this knowledge can be put to good use during the Race the Green project.