Phase 1

July 2021 - September 2022

  • Modifying our first buggy by transforming it to electric drive and the research for the hydrogen energy supply

October 2022 - March 2023

  • Implanting the hydrogen fuel cell and do several test sessions

March 2023

  • Participating in the off-road Beach Race in IJmuiden. Our first competitive challenge with our buggy running on hydrogen
  • Introducing the buggy to the press and our partners

July 2023

  • The Baja Aragón, which will be organised in the Spanish Pyrenees, is our next competitive test. Thousand kilometers of competitive stage to be driven in three days. The large distance, the altitude and the dust in this race will be a real challenge and test case for our driveline
  • The rally in Spain will provide an ideal opportunity for a PR program

October 2023

  • Competing in the Rally du Maroc. An awesome race through the desert and mountains of South Morocco. Five stages in five days encountering the magnificent sand dunes near Ouarzazate. A real challenge
  • Another unique possibility to give our partners and their relations a close up insight of this breathtaking adventure

January 2024

  • The final part of phase one: being a contender in the Africa Eco Race. A demanding, 14 day race on the former Paris-Dakar stages. Here, the whole team will be tested for their skills, perseverance and camaraderie