Meet the Team

HFX Research

HFX is the main technical partner of this project. They take charge of the transformation of the buggy including the development of the electric engines and drivetrain. They will also implement the hydrogen fuel-cells in the buggy.

The team of Hella and Ben Mennings, Toon Bakermans, Rick de Wildt and Michel van Hoof is aiming to make the buggy mean and clean.

Raoul Jacobs

Raoul is a lauded rally driver and our first pilot in the team. He has participated in many famous rallies, amongst which the Dakar (three times even!). He was also part of the Dutch team of the Camel Trophy crew in 1989 that traversed the Amazon forest with good old Land Rovers.

Raoul’s main task is to bring the buggy to all the finish lines and to provide the technical crew with feedback. Lisette Bakker is his co-driver and will help to reach that goal. As he says: It’s an honour to race for a greener planet.

Lisette Bakker

Lisette is a very experienced navigator and has many great rallies on her name. She is an expert in the regulations of the FIA (Federation International Automobile) which, driving in a new class, is important as this is complicated.

Lisette aims for excellent cooperation within the team as the main reason for success. She hopes to convince the world that racing without the roar and pollution can be fast and spectaculair as well.

Foto HFX


The founder of our buggy is Ronnie van Beek. He has designed and built the buggy all by himself. Our progressive suspension is his invention. At this moment he is making all the constructions for the transformation of the buggy. All of this by intensively cooperating with HFX.

EcoEnGines B.V.

Robert Mulder is the initiator of this project. Together with HFX-research, they have developed a transition kit for Land Rover and Toyota to make circular off-road vehicles electric. With his knowledge of sustainable drivelines, his contribution to our project is important. For a clean world as he calls it.

Foto Ronnie van Rovab Engineering
Foto Robert